Arch, 2014
The work is piece of the bridge that is built on top of a rock between elementary- and high school buildings. Two concrete pillars hold asphalt paved two-lane car way resting on 8.5 meters. Middle of the road is painted double yellow lines. Streetlight at top is burning during the dark hours of the day. Work is firmly attached to its surroundings. However at same time it is reaching already somewhere else, a place which is still unknown.
w/ Anssi Pulkkinen

Still life (with streetlights), 2013
The work is man-made natural form brought in the urban space. Nature built by man himself. Art work consists of four 12-meter high lighting columns, which are transformed into trees and fallen branches on the ground. Eight street lamps are burning during the hours of darkness.
w/ Anssi Pulkkinen

Line, 2011
The work imitates the ray of light that comes in the exhibition space through the small hole in the ceiling and draw an oval-shaped circle to the floor. The piece is made out of 360 plastic lines. Lines are in colors of the spectrum. From a distance, the colors blend together and the work looks like pure white light beam. The work tries to make the invisible visible. Beam of light, which in reality does not contain any material , have been created in the material.
w/ Leena Nio & Jenni Toikka